Note: We are currently only holding “Online Events” due to COVID. We hope to be able to go back to in-person events in the year 2022!

Our WordPress meetup group brings together authors, publishers, journalists, bloggers, designers, developers, and entrepreneurs who favor the WordPress open-source technology for publishing. A typical meetup assembles 30 – 150 of these professionals for almost a whole day.

Five basic ways to sponsor our meetup groups are to:

  1. Offer Us Your Space To MeetCover Refreshments (by way of tea/coffee and cookies at our intro session; and lunch at sessional recess) for roughly 30-100 persons
  2. Cover Our Internet Needs (because we’re almost always online with our demos during these meetups, our Internet needs could use some help)
  3. Offer To Give Good Press To Meetup Events (because we appreciate good publicity and mentions) and
  4. Cover The Cost Of The Free Swags we give to attendees to delight them for coming (swags can be WordPress t-shirts, notepads, pens or pencils, pen-drives, crests, etc.) Because when you do from the goodness of your heart, you are able to:
    • Place a sign or something with your branding near the refreshment area
    • Be announced in the meetup event description (which is also emailed to members) that you have covered the stated items for this meetup or covered the cost of required items for a meetup
    • Announce a member of your staff who will be attending and possibly speaking on your behalf for only a few minutes
    • Advertise a job offering or some special discount on a product or service of yours in the meetup email footer and at the meetup
    • Have your logo, branding, and description on the meetup group web page.

Please Note: We can only accept sponsorship from organizations with demonstrated interest and love for WordPress. Furthermore, speakers from an organization are compelled to speak on such topics as are useful for WordPress as an open source tool making publishing accessible to everyone.

If you’re interested in this sponsoring any of our communities, please send an email to hello[at]WPNigeria.org with the name of the city or cities you want to sponsor as the subject.

Here are other ways you can sponsor our WordPress Meetups, just in case:

  • Cover upgrade subscription for us on Slack
  • Offer to sponsor students to WordCamps & doaction hackathons
  • Offer to sponsor students logistics and accomodation to Meetups
  • Offer big discounts to your products or services to any or all meetup community members
  • Create and offer a free WordPress resource from your company to community members
  • Sponsor a fitness or games meetup
  • Offer attendees stationery or collectibles

For more information on supporting WordPress events through the WordPress Global Community Sponsorship Program, please send an email to support[at]wordcamp.org.

Some Points to Note:

  • Pay-for-play. Allowing anyone give money to the group in order to buy speaking time is not cool. Meetups are short, and people are giving up time with their families to attend, so we would not be using up their time with advertising.
  • Plastering marketing materials. Covering the meetup space with logos and signs is distracting, unnecessary and not cool, we will not be doing that. We would however not err on the side of acknowledgement. 
  • Forcing interaction with sponsors. Sponsors who attend the meetups because they are interested in the topics, love WordPress, and want to engage with the community are excellent. Forcing the attendees to interact with sponsors is not excellent, it should be optional.

We look forward to the possibility of partnering with you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. We appreciate your time and interest and we will look forward to talking with you.


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